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It's been a few months since the last major update, so just to fill everyone in all we are waiting on now is to receive the discs themselves and then we'll start getting things packed up and shipped out. We expect to have them in our hands in the ear...

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Come download our beer into your mainframe here....

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We've got a new book coming this November!It'll have 120 of our favorite site comics, plus 30 comics exclusive to the book, and, to top it off, we've got thirty book-exclusive Bedtime Stories for Good Children.Woooooooooo!Did you know that all o...

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WE HAVE A C&H BEER!!      Our friends at Flat Tail Brewing have finished brewing the new Cyanide & Hoppiness Apricot IPA and we can't be more excited!While it doesn't contain actual cyanide, you can still chase away your proble...

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Arrrrrgghhhh matey's!  Tis gettin' hot out there and what better way to cool down than with a shot of your favorite poison?!  After all, hunting the elusive Buttshark is no easy feat and you deserve it!  While you're at it, make it two...

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