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Go see The Princess now on Vessel FOR FREE!Thanks to Vessel, we've been releasing our shorts early for free every Tuesday!Our newest short, The Princess, features a full musical number and is in no way silly at all!You can still see shorts on YouTube...

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He may be The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere, but you can’t just get him anywhere!  This limited edition, hand painted, glow in the dark, super bad ass figurine in a CON EXCLUSIVE!!!  What does that mean??  It means you need to get to the...

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From Aug 15 - Sep 15, use the discount code SKOOLRULZ at checkout at the C&H store to get 15% off your entire order!Need a new set of pint glasses to help get through Intro to Sobriety? We've got you covered!Come stock up at the store!...

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Hello folks! I'm here to make a super duper important announcement! Crack your toes in excitement!On August 17th, we had to remove Season 1 from the website and from YouTube for mysterious reasons that will be explained in our big announcem...

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http://dudebropartymassacre3.com/At C&H, we love the hell out of B movies, and our friends at 5 Second Films made the best damn horror-comedy C&H has ever seen.If you're a fan of trashy 80s slasher flicks and brilliant writing, check the movi...

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