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It's Guestravagnza week at Explosm!For the next week, we've invited a bunch of our brilliant comic friends to give us their take on C&H.It's tough not to spoil any of the surprises, but trust us, you'll enjoy who we brought in....

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There's only SEVEN days left to get in on our most recent Kickstarter for Joking Hazard, our new card game.We've unlocked a whole lot of freebies for every pledge level (including exclusive cards for everyone!) as well as nearly doubled the scope of ...

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Our favorite Patriot is back, and this time he might have met his match. We are SO proud of Season Too of The Cyanide & Happiness Show. This is the funniest stuff we've ever written and it blows season one COMPLETELY out of the water!There's two ...

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We've created something new... It's a party game called Joking Hazard, and we're using Kickstarter to get it off the ground. We think Joking Hazard is pretty damn cool and urge you to check it out:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cyanideandhappin...

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Greetings brothers and sisters, have you heard the good news? There's 250 new panels in the random comic generator, a Lock Panel features, and a brand new toplist!Did I mention there's also a free iPhone app?Grab the iPhone app here!Hallelujah! ...

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Upcoming Appearances

  • Comic Con Baltics
    Sep 21-22
    Vilnius, Lithuania

  • New York Comic Con
    Oct 3-6
    New York, New York

  • EGLX
    Oct 18-20
    Toronto, Canada

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