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Hey guys, exciting news! As you may have read before, we'll soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a full Cyanide & Happiness online animated series. Now we can finally reveal to you the launch date for the campaign itself: Friday, Febr...

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Hey guys! We've been getting a great reaction from our readers about our decision to do a C&H show online instead of on a network, and also a lot of questions. So I thought I'd share some more details about how we got to this point. If you&#...

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Pretty big announcement ahead! As some of you may know, we've been negotiating a Cyanide & Happiness TV show with a cable network for a while now. What you guys may not know is that this is actually the latest of three TV show talks we'...

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If you aren't a fan on Facebook yet, you should totally start. We've been posting lots of our favorite comics for the past few weeks, some of which have spurred quite the topical debate. Plus, there's other things, too! http://www.facebo...

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I picked out a few of my favorite comics and made some new signed prints! From what the guy at Kinkos told me, I think you'll like them. The four below are now available in the store, just in time for the holiday sale we've got going! Just us...

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