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Hey! We're in the midst of production on the show (which is coming along excellently) and I just wanted to make a quick mention that I'll be in Phoenix this Memorial Day weekend for Phoenix Comicon at booth 1381. We'll have some C&H stu...

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As I get older, I realize that Explosm may not provide enough for me in the future. The release of the Gentleman Zombie Poster has made me consider my own mortality. This is why I decided to take Explosm for all it is worth! For the next week I ...

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As if making hours and hours of animation wasn't crazy enough (hint: it is!), we're also gonna be making appearances all over the place next month. If you'd like to come see us in person (hint: you should!) we're making it a lot more ...

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I've successfully locked everyone in the writing closet and I'm not letting them out until we've got our show and shorts written. Hopefully the lack of food and clean water will have them hallucinating pretty soon, otherwise I'll have...

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You guys. My god. You guys. I love you all so much. We had no idea that we'd actually hit all these goals. In one month, we've raised over $700,000 to not only create a fully-independent animated show, but hit EVERY SINGLE stretch goal we se...

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