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With summer in full swing and everyone working on show production and Convention preparation, I am getting sidetracked on releasing new products. In an effort to catch up, I am releasing two new products to the store! The first is a new shirt bas...

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I just realized we haven't made a news post in like a month, so I thought I'd drop in and let you guys know what's going on in Explosm Town. We're getting pretty deep into production on the show, which is looking very good. Writing h...

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Last week I promised to release some new products along with the site redesign. today I am happy to show off our newest shirt: SQUID This latest collaboration between Explosm and the nightmarish creatures of Lovecraftian lore shows the true dange...

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Here at the Explosm Store we are excited about the upcoming show. The new show means new merchandise and also an upgrade in our presentation. With this in mind we are giving our store a face lift over the next few weeks. We are also changing our s...

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After absconding to Mexico with as much of the Explosm funds as I could, life was good. Margaritas and sleeping on the beach was awesome. Unfortunately Rob and Dave hired the combined might of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Hulk Hogan to find me. Now I...

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