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As you may have noticed, Matt Melvin hasn't posted comics on the site lately and, following on from his recent announcement, we wanted to fill you guys in on what's going on. Matt is no longer a part of the Cyanide & Happiness team. Matt has...

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The Explosm store is happy to reintroduce the most intelligently designed shirt in our catalog! Move on over Lucy and best of luck Ardi, because the Evolution shirt shows how humanity developed! Also, several of the Explosm crew will be going to t...

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Feel like waiting in line for a while? Come on by Booth #1234 and see the Cyanide and Happiness Booth. Dave and Rob will be doing sketches along with Joel! The booth has shirts, posters, books and more for sale. If nothing else, come by to say hi ...

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We've got a pretty big surprise of a short coming this Thursday (Wednesday if you have Season Pass!). I think it's about time we bring one of our favorites back, don't you?...

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To commemorate not having to go into work on Friday this week, the Explosm store staff is holding a sale for 15% off of all purchases in the store! Simply go to the store and type FREEDOM for your discount code! Be sure to check out our newer mer...

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