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It's time again for the annual Explosm Xmas sale! 15% off everything at the Explosm, all you have to do is enter in the coupon code JINGLEBALLS We've got new shirts, new bottle openers, and a brand new naked plushy (with a butt!). Come ge...

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IT'S HERE!!! If you donated $15 or more to our Kickstarter, use season pass login to view episode one right nooooooowwww! If you need it reactivated, please contact [email protected] and we'll get you a password reset. GOGOGOGOGOGO!...

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Want to see Episode 1 of The C&H Show on the big screen? Want to meet Rob, Dave, AND Kris all at once? Want to ask them where babies come from? Then check us out at the two live-screenings we're doing for the launch of the show! We guarantee at...

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We're finally ready to start the show! Check out episode 1 coming out November 13th WOOOOOO! You'll be able to see each episode coming out weekly here on our site, as well as on YouTube. If you've got a season pass, you get to see Episod...

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Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. The candy, the horror movies, the skimpy costumes; no holiday is better! To celebrate this grand time the store is trying something new. For any order of over 30 dollars, we are going to add a limited ...

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