As if making hours and hours of animation wasn't crazy enough (hint: it is!), we're also gonna be making appearances all over the place next month. If you'd like to come see us in person (hint: you should!) we're making it a lot more easier than usual.

In April alone, we've got three big things going on! First up, on April 3rd and 4th, I will personally be heading down to the Univeristy of North Carolina for their annual comedy festival. I'll be doing a Q&A on the 3rd and a cartoon drawing workshop on the 4th. I'll be giving out free high fives at both. Festival info here.

On April 13th we'll be having another Banana Bar Crawl! Don your fanciest banana costume and drunkenly roam the streets of Dallas with Rob, Dave, Kris, Derek, even our merch guy Andy! Facebook event page can be found here.

Last but definitely not least, from the 26th to the 28th, Dave, Kris and Shawn will make their way back to Chicago once again for this year's C2E2! Come get some sketches and grab some merch, possibly even a new con-exclusive poster! Show info here.

And hey, if you can make it down to ANY of these and you're one of our Kickstarter backers, PLEASE let us know so we can thank you in person!


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Upcoming Appearances

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