Wow. You're all awesome.

Not only are we going to release The Cyanide and Happiness Show this fall, but you've unlocked six months of shorts, an exclusive Purple Shirted Eye Stabber Plushie, a flip book, AND the swimsuit calendar!

Do you want to see an entire Depressing episode? Than help us spread the word, there's only five days left to help us get there! Check out our Kickstarter here!

Don't forget, on the last day (March 17) we're hosting a three hours end-of-Kickstarter Draw-A-Thon from 7-10pm Central. You'll be able to watch the live webcast of the guys drawing improvised, collaborative sketches of suggestions you post in the chat window.

If you haven't seen the guys pull these sketches off at a convention, here's one of my favorites from Emerald City Comic:


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