Hey folks, since we last posted, we've hit TWO MORE goals on our Kickstarter! Not only will everyone who backed $60 and over get a cool, exclusive Purple-Shirted Eyestabber Plushy, everyone who backed $30 and over will now get an exclusive C&H flipbook! Awesome, right?

It doesn't end there, though. Thanks to our super awesome fans, we're now gonna be able to pump out three months worth of weekly animated shorts for you to watch! Hell yeah!

We've still got some ways to go, though. Our next big goal is to double that to six month's worth of weekly animated shorts, and we really wanna do that for ya! We've only got 10 days left to go, so now would be a great time to help us get there and get some sweet stuff in the process. THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH if you've donated already, and THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH if you're even considering it. We're really looking forward to getting our teeth into these cartoons for you guys to see.

Check out our Kickstarter HERE.

Thanks in advance, if you wanna donate! It means so much to me and the other guys. We're giddy at the prospect of bringing our ideas to life for you.



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