Hey guys!

We've been getting a great reaction from our readers about our decision to do a C&H show online instead of on a network, and also a lot of questions. So I thought I'd share some more details about how we got to this point. If you're totally confused about what I'm talking about, check out Kris' post below.

We've always envisioned Cyanide & Happiness moving into animation, even when we started doing the comics in 2005. Before the comics ever existed, the four of us actually met through Flash animation communities, particularly NewGrounds.com. Even to this day, all of our comics are made in Flash, which is an animation program; not a traditional art program like PhotoShop, which most other online cartoonists use.

So it feels kinda natural for us to get back into animation, because we all started out as amateur animators when we were kids. Because of that, over the years we've built up a wealth of ideas that don't really work as comics; they need to be animated.

We made an effort to push C&H into animation in 2010 (you can see the fruits of our labor at our YouTube Channel) and I think it was a pretty successful effort. We poured in a huge amount of time, creating almost all of the content ourselves (the only two people we added to our team were Chase Suddarth, an animator, and Steve Lehmann, our music composer). If you look at our shorts' credits you'll see the same half dozen names appear over and over.

Part of Repulsel's animatic.

It was an intense amount of work, but it paid off in one very interesting way: TV networks started taking the idea of a Cyanide & Happiness show seriously. The four of us traveled to LA twice, and spent many more days in phone calls with over a dozen networks. A few of the discussions got pretty involved, lasting months and even years.

Every single one of these deals, after much back and forth, eventually came down to the same basic problem: Television networks don't want to take much risk when it comes to new shows. Nor should they have to. It's entirely their investment; we're just the writers. This manifests itself in a lot of scary ways when you read a typical TV contract. Stuff like giving up the rights to existing characters in order to feature them in the show, no final say on what gets removed or changed, even potentially being fired as writers from our own show. Not to mention the fact that good shows get cancelled all the time.

As months dragged into years, we all started to have the same realization: we don't need TV, and all its many risks, for a Cyanide & Happiness show to flourish. The Internet is changing the playing field at an insane rate, even in the last few years. Cyanide & Happiness already has a worldwide, Internet savvy audience, and we'd rather create a show on our own terms.

We're extremely excited, and we'll continue to give news updates as we get a Kickstarter up and running to help raise the budget for our no-longer-secret plans for world domination.

Stay tuned and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!


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